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Capturing the Perfect Heli-Proposal: West Coast New Zealand

The Southern Alps mountains of Franz Josef Glacier are a breathtaking sight to behold. On a sunny day in April 2023, a lovely couple from Adelaide, Australia took the plunge and decided to make their way up to the glacier for an unforgettable heli proposal photography shoot with me.

A Stunning Helicopter Proposal in the Majestic Southern Alps of Franz Josef Glacier

The flight onto the neve of Franz Josef Glacier was nothing short of spectacular. The freezing cold temperatures made for a fresh awakening as we all stepped out of the helicopter. Little did the bride know that her future groom had something special planned for her.

Love in the Air: A Memorable Heli Proposal amidst the Southern Alps of Franz Josef Glacier

As they walked around taking in the stunning views, he whispered something in her ear and got down on one knee. She was completely taken by surprise! He popped the question while I snapped beautiful photographs from various angles, capturing every moment of this special occasion.

A Picture-Perfect Moment: Witnessing a Romantic Proposal on the Franz Josef Glacier

The groom then popped open a bottle of champagne and shared it with his beloved bride-to-be as they celebrated their engagement. The joy and excitement that swept over them was palpable as she said yes!

Forever in the Southern Alps: Cherishing the Special Moments of a Helicopter Proposal at Franz Josef Glacier

Capturing every aspect of this incredible proposal – from the breathtaking scenery to the couple’s joyous reactions and perfectly encapsulating this once-in-a-lifetime moment in time was my absolute priority.

A Spectacular Helicopter Proposal: Love Takes Flight in the Southern Alps of Franz Josef Glacier

I was thrilled with how everything turned out!

Joyous Engagement at Franz Josef Glacier: A Tale of Love and Breathtaking Scenery

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