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Tanya Salter Photographer With Nature And River New Zealand

About me

Welcome! I am a wedding and landscape photographer based on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand.


I travel all over the south and my work is mostly based around weddings of all styles and sizes yet I have always had a profound love for landscape photography too. This has led me to find my niche and what truly makes me unique as a photographer - blending the two worlds! My utmost passion has evolved into capturing moments of time with people as the focal point (typically weddings, but this can be any portrait photography) all while encapsulating the surrounding natural elements in perfect balance. 


The result is a distinctive photography style that encapsulates the philosophy of being at one with nature.


This makes my service perfect for adventure weddings or any event, portrait shoot or wedding where pictures in nature are important to the client.


"Capturing special moments of people in perfect balance with surrounding natural elements"

Bridal Photoshoot Wedding Day New Zealand


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